Social Responsibility Audit

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Social Responsibility evaluates workplace conditions for the company’s staff and covers areas including Discrimination, Forced Labour, Child Labour, Abuse of Labour, Freedom of Association/Collective Bargaining, Wages and Benefits, Work Hours and Overtime, Health and Safety and Work Environment.

Enzafood’s was audited in April 2011 by independent certifying agent Bureau Veritas and scored ZERO (highest possible score) and received the following comments

“We have pleasure in confirming ConformsStatu The audit results evidenced a very well managed organization with mature processes, consistent outcomes and compliance with legal, statutory guidelines. There was excellent evidence of investment in the maintenance of the facility accommodation, plant, personnel development & support resources, to ensure positive product, customer & company outcomes. Staff were very positive about the organization and this was evidenced by the long length of service across many of the sampled personnel·     There were no identified non conformances nor unusual occurrences identified during the course of the audit”