FreshFields FruitHitz

'The tasty, healthy, natural snack packed with real fruit'

FruitHitz – are the great tasting, naturally flavored fruit snack made from pure New Zealand apples, with no added sugar or preservatives.  The 90g portion controlled pouch packs are available in SummerBerry, Strawberry, Tropical and the favourite Variety pack flavours.

  • Gluten Free


If frozen when placed in lunch box, this provides an added chiller for lunch on hot summer days. Once thawed the kids have a cool, healthy, drink “snack”. Parents no longer have to wonder to the kids are eating their fruit.

The rich, natural fibre texture of FruitHitz gives it great nutritional value and since it's made from 99% whole, pureed New Zealand apples you can be assured of quality snacks for your kids lunch boxes. FruitHitz are a good source of Vitamin C and natural fructose.


Samples, data sheets and nutritional information are available in consultation with our sales team.

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