Organic aroma

Organic aroma is manufactured from sound process grade fully certified organic fruit and produced in accordance with organic good manufacturing processes (GMP).

Natural Aromas are stripped during the evaporation stage of the juice concentration process, then rectified and condensed using a partial condensation system.

The authenticity of the product produced by ENZAFOODS is guaranteed.  It is available at 150 essence fold strength and can be variety specific.


  • • Any application where flavour and aroma are required.
    • In the reconstitution of apple, pear, kiwifruit and carrot juice from concentrated form.
    • In drinks, baked goods, yoghurt, desserts, confectionery and salad dressings.
    • In the manufacture of cosmetics and toiletries where the requirement is for a specific aroma.
    • For further enhancement in the flavour/aroma industry.

Samples, data sheets, nutritional information and new product innovation are available in consultation with our sales team.