Apple Juice May Protect Memory In Old Age

Consuming apple juice may protect against cell damage that contributes to age-related memory loss, conclude researchers investigating the benefits in mice.

They believe their results are down to the rich antioxidant levels in concentrated apple juice. While studies in humans are needed to confirm the benefit to ageing people, the new research adds to previous evidence that fruit and vegetable intake might be good for an ageing brain.

" This new study suggests that eating and drinking apples and apple juice, in conjunction with a balanced diet, can protect the brain from the effects of oxidative stress - and that we should eat such antioxidant-rich foods," said researcher Dr Thomas Shea. University of Massachusetts Lowell previously showed the benefits of feeding apple juice to mice bred to be prone to Alzheimer's disease.

A number of epidemiological trials have found that people with a higher intake of fruits and vegetables are less prone to age-related cognitive decline, including conditions like Alzheimer's.

However there is little evidence to date that supplements containing purified antioxidants like the vitamins E and C can offer the same benefit.  Some researchers believe that fruits and vegetables may contain specific compounds that act synergistically to fight oxidative damage.